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Thank you note

Above everything I want to thank God. His endless love, patience, compassion, mercy and grace have carried me through this entire project. This album is a dream that I would never have dared to dream if I hadn’t laid my life at Jesus’ feet. I don’t have words to describe how humbled and thankful I feel. Thank you Lord. 

I would also like to thank my dear friends and family, who have prayed, encouraged, rooted and stood by my side through this incredible journey.

Mom, without your love, support and your kindness I would never have been able to do this. 

Dad, your determination, hard work and faith have been the greatest example of Jesus I could ever ask for. You inspire me to want to be like Him a little bit more each day.

I want to thank the Lord with all that I am for placing you both in my life. 

To God be the Glory!