Felipe Studios


God's Dream (O sonho de Deus é maior)

Lyrics and Music - Robson Fonseca
English Translation and Music Arrangement - Felipe Paccagnella
Whatever you may dream
God's dream is bigger than yours
He knows what you've asked for
But wants to give so much more

Though today you may not understand
For you ask for what fits in your hands
God has incomparable dreams in his plans
For you

When walking through darkness
Ask Him for light
God gives you the sun
In times of hardship beg on the streets
God, gives a new life
Ask for a smile, ask for a friend
God gives you a brother
Pray for a home, even for riches
God gives heaven

For God Surpasses your dreams

Yes God Always gives more
So much more

In times of war 

Ask him for shelter
God gives peace
In times of guilt 

ask for forgiveness
God provides a fresh start
Ask him for science, ask him for wisdom
God gives the universe
Ask him for health in times of disease
God gives eternity

For God  Surpasses your dreams
Yes God Always gives more

So much more

O sonho de Deus é maior pra você

Album Version

Felipe Paccagnella

Piano, Rhodes, Bass
Felipe Paccagnella

Acoustic Guitar
Marcos Lima

Alejandro Lucini

Strings Arrangement
Felipe Paccagnella

Strings Recording
Samuel Krähenbühl