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Original music and hymns arranged in a Bossa Nova feel by Felipe Paccagnella. This production is the result of Felipe's hard work for about three years and he feels tremendously blessed to share it with you.

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Christmas Jazz EP

This EP includes three widely known christmas tunes re-arranged and played by Felipe Paccagnella, as well as William Pefok on saxophone, Joe Mouliom on Bass and Pascal Bossadi on drums. This project was released December 14, 2013

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Projects Felipe Paccagnella Participated

Robson Fonseca - Um Pai de Oração

This single was released by Novo Tempo in Brazil. It features Felipe on Piano as well as a beautiful Orchestra arrangement that was composed based on Felipe's piano Playing. 



Laura Siderac - Aprendi

This album features Felipe as a co-producer as well as a pianist, organist and arranger. The album is packed with uplifting songs with a relaxing jazz/pop feel. 

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Renovo - Grupo Orion

This beautiful celebrative album is scheduled to be released by the end of november, 2018. Felipe is being featured on piano on three tracks. His piano recording was used as a basis for the orchestration in those tracks.

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Journeys - Donnell Josiah

Felipe Paccagnella arranged the hymn "Great is Thy Faithfulness" along his friend Douglas Lira for this album.

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Rise Up - Annisstar

This single by award winning gospel vocalist Annisstar features Felipe Paccagnella playing the Piano and was released early November, 2018

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Aprendi - Laura Siderac (single version)

This single was released nov. 10, 2017 and features Felipe on the rhodes and piano.
Laura is also releasing an album through "Novo Tempo" in 2019 featuring Felipe Paccagnella.

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Azul - O Bairro Novo

This beautiful christian folk album has a bossa nova song where Felipe plays the piano.

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Dare EP - Linda D. Harris

This EP features compositions by Linda Harris and Felipe Paccagnella. Felipe arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered all of the songs in this project. The saxophone solo in "Little Bird" is the only aspect of these EP that Felipe didn't play. Below you can hear "Don't Dare", a song from this project. You can hear to all of the other tracks at lindadharris.com

Don't Dare - Linda D. Harris and Felipe Paccagnella



Love Letters - Summer Pearson

Felipe Paccagnella co-wrote two of the songs in this beautiful project. "Real Thing" and "Love you like crazy" are both letters of love to God. 

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Dissongo - Micheline Ewang

Micheline, a jazz singer from Cameroon, features Felipe Paccagnella Playing Piano on the tracks "Dissongo" and "Street Dancer".

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Um Toque de Esperança - Marcos Lima & Adley Caçula

This beautiful instrumental album features Felipe Paccagnella on 2 out of the 3 most listened tracks on iTunes.

Amazing Grace - Marcos Lima & Adley Caçula

Graça excelsa
Marcos Lima (Um toque de esperança | Marcos Lima & Adley Caçula)


Manhã - Gilsomar Moura

This instrumental saxophone album features Felipe Paccagnella as a engineer. Felipe edited and participated on the mixing of this album, as well as other non-published works by Gilsomar Moura

Click here to learn more about Gilsomar and listen to his music through his website.