Felipe Studios


Beyond the River (Alem do Rio)

Lyrics and Music - Jader Santos

English Translation and Music Arrangement - Felipe Paccagnella

There's a land where life never ends
a place full of joy, delight
My eyes catch a glimpse o'er the river
The joyful sounds I hear are purely divine

I'm exhausted, weary and weak
storms have kept me,  far from the shore
But regardless of my pain I will keep on sailing
Towards that place where tears won't exist

Beyond the river there's a place prepared for me
Beyond the river there is peace
Beyond the river life will last eternity
And with my Savior I will live

I've been dreaming of the day I'll get there
I've been singing, wishing I could be there
the city, the place to call home
Where God and his glory fill the air

More enchanting than the sun as it rises
Or a wave as it crashes through sand
Is the joy of seeing loved ones redeemed
It was worth living for Christ till the end


Album Version

Vocal, Piano, Bass
Felipe Paccagnella

Acoustic Guitar
Marcos Lima

Alejandro Lucini

Strings Arrangement
Felipe Paccagnella

Strings Recording
Samuel Krähenbühl